Step One: Finding a website name for your company

  • A website is what your customers use to find you and contact you. I can help you navigate through buying a website and help set it up for you.

Step Two: Determine what kind of professional email you would like to use

  • Your new website comes with its own email setup with your website address all included already! But, I can help enhance your productivity by including setup for your favorite web applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar!¬†
  • If you prefer Microsoft Outlook,¬† Word, Excel and Powerpoint I can help you there as well.
  • Not sure which to choose? I can help you make an informed decision. I can also set up a basic website for you that tells current and future customers who you are and how to contact you!

Step Three: Setting up services for you

  • I can set up any email addresses needed for you and your employees, secure your email so when it arrives, your customers know it’s from you, customize any logos and themes into your new email system.

Step Four: Training

  • Now it’s time for the fun part, showing you how to access all of your new apps and email! I can walk you through installing any apps onto your computer and smartphone explaining¬† how the apps work. Need me to cover something specific? Just let me know and I can help you.

IT Consulting

Techead Solutions can be your companies IT team! We can help you with any type of IT problem you may encounter including:

  • Researching and acquiring hardware like laptops and desktops. This will include setting up your new device and optimizing it.
  • Setup of secure WiFi at your place of business
  • Troubleshooting any hardware that is giving you issues. This can include backing up your important data and transferring it to a new device if necessary.
  • Security audits to make sure your business data is safe.

Need IT help? Contact Techead Solutions Today!

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